We are proud to offer what others say is "The Best Karaoke In Town" We are very humbled by that title, and do our best to keep it.

The biggest reason we have earned that title is because unlike those other bars that offer karaoke, we do not show favortism. Everyone waits their turn and only sings once per rotation. In kindergarten you learned that everyone gets a turn before you get another one.

Well those rules still apply today regardless of how much money you have in your wallet, or how much you better you think you may be over someone else. Everyone gets their fair chance with us!

Next, we have one of the largest music collections in the State for your customers or guests to choose from, ranging from those classic favorites to what you hear on the radio today!

There is no flipping through old worn, torn, outdated songbooks with us. We use modern technology! If you want to request a song, you can do it through your internet connection on your phone via our Request Your Song Karaoke Service! If you do not have a fancy phone, then use our kiosk at our shows to request your favorite songs.

We can store your favorite songs for quick and easy access the next time you want to sing. We can even send you a text message alert to let you know when you are about to take the stage!

You can even share the songs you are singing with your friends through Facebook and Twitter!

Our sound quality also seperates us, you sing with wireless microphones at our shows. You also sing on a state of the art sound system, there is not anything about our shows that are second rate!

Add that to our uplighting, and you feel like you are sitting front row at a concert.  The only difference, we put the spotlight on you!!

If you are a bar, night club, or restaurant owner, karaoke can be a fantastic way to increase your revenue on those "not so great" nights.

You will find that by advertising that you have karaoke hosted by 3D Entertainment, you might even capture a whole new customer base!

We provide everything you need from the state of the art sound system, lighting, wireless microphones, monitors, diverse karaoke collection, etc... and of course one of our highly talented Karaoke Hosts.

3D Entertainment knows how to entertain a crowd and bring your party to life. We bring it in, set it up, and take it away.

Contact us to inquire about our karaoke availability!